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The Hall-Wynne Crematory & Tribute Center has area communities for many years. We’re thankful to be an important part of this community and will continue our longstanding legacy of helping families honor their loved ones.



In 2009, we opened our own Crematory and Tribute Center as an addition to our formal chapel at the Durham facility. We are the only full-service funeral home in Durham and Orange Counties with its own on-premises crematory.

Common Cremation Myths

  • Cremation is final disposition.
    Cremation is only one step in the process of memorialization. There are many other decisions in arranging remembrances than "just being cremated."
  • Cremation substitutes a funeral.
    Cremation does not preclude having the body present at a service. In all cultures outside America, where practiced widely, cremation is ritualized and done with ceremony at which the deceased is present. Hall-Wynne offers cost-effective choices for services followed by cremation as this format is increasingly popular.
  • Cremation costs less.
    Not necessarily. Cost is a matter of the services selected in connection with cremation. There are abundant options with cremation, with prices covering a wide range.
  • Many religions prohibit cremation.
    Few groups discourage or prohibit cremation, other than Muslims and Eastern Orthodox Christians. The Roman Catholic Church permits cremation; however, it is to occur after the funeral Mass at which the body is present.

Hall-Wynne is now the only full-service funeral home between Durham and Chapel Hill to have its own on-site crematory. This means we own it; it's on our premises; and you can inspect it. Most funeral homes subcontract this delicate procedure to a third-party provider. Having our own guarantees your loved one never leaves our care, and that the cremated remains returned are those of your family member. Additionally, an adjacent tribute center allows a gathering for final viewing or a committal ceremony. With this unique facility, cremation takes on a more public experience as desired by today's consumer, rather than being relegated to an industrial setting. This brochure acquaints you with Hall-Wynne's Crematory & Tribute Center, outlining the 10 vital steps our trained and certified staff takes with each cremation. This means peace-of-mind you chose the right company to care for your family! We invite you to visit the crematory by appointment during normal business hours.

Our 10 Vital Steps

  1. Always in our care.
    Your family member stays in the hands of our competent staff from receipt into our care until the cremated body is returned or placed in final rest.
  2. Careful tracking procedures.
    After arrival, the name is registered and assigned an ID number stamped on a metal tag. The number tracks every phase of cremation and corresponds to any personal belongings.
  3. Identification.
    Since cremation is irreversible, we ensure the correct identity of the deceased beforehand by requiring identification.
  4. Safeguarding identity.
    An ID band is placed on the deceased upon receipt into our care.
  5. Singular Cremation.
    One deceased will be cremated at a time in a rigid leak-resistant container or casket.
  6. Checks and balances.
    The crematory operator and funeral director will examine authorizations and permits prior to cremation. All documentation is verified and recorded.
  7. Ongoing security.
    Our crematory checklist, ID card and metal ID tag remain on the outside of the crematory during cremation.
  8. Prompt turn-around.
    If the urn is to be returned to you or delivered for burial or niche placement, we deliver in a timely manner.
  9. Free choice.
    You have abundant choices in services and merchandise and can expect a positive "can-do" attitude from our staff.
  10. Helping you remember.
    We pledge our full support to meet your needs, helping you to meaningfully celebrate the life of your family member.

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