Signature Services

The Hall-Wynne staff offers an array of special services to make the memorial experience especially meaningful, several of which are featured below.  Additionally, we are able to secure musicians of many varieties and when needed, call upon officiants or celebrants to conduct non-religious ceremonies or assist in locating a clergyperson for those who may not be affiliated with a local faith community.


Dove Release

For millennia, the dove has been the symbol of the human soul. These elegant birds leap into the sky with energy and exuberance.


Candle Ceremony

A lit candle is symbolic of the human soul and of God’s eternal presence. Expand on that and consider a Candlelight Ceremony.



For many, the stirring sound of bagpipes highlights the reverent and sacred nature of a funeral. We have an excellent group of bagpipers locally available.



The celestial sound of a harp is most appropriate during a funeral service or visitation time. We can readily arrange to secure a harpist to play at either or both events.


Wildflower Seed Packets

Remembering a life lived in a meaningful manner is an essential aspect of the grieving process. Perennial wildflowers can provide family and friends a means to honor relationships for years to come.


Balloon Release

We will provide a bouquet of biodegradable balloons to be released typically after a memorial or graveside service. Upon lifting toward the sky, the balloons can leave us an impression and memory to last a lifetime.